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AVS Mobile Auto Electric/Electronic repairs

We specialize in all areas of automotive electrics and electronics. We operate a mobile auto electrical repair service throughout Liverpool, Wirral, Southport, Warrington, Runcorn etc . Our Auto Electrician /s are qualified to Degree level and have complete experience on all aspects of vehicle technology. We offer mobile auto electrical; repairs to the public, garages and dealerships. As vehicle technology has advanced considerably throughout recent years so has the expertise required to work on these systems. All our vans carry the latest in each manufacturers diagnostic equipment, together with specialist electronic repair tooling. We can perform all testing to manufacturer recommendations and perform our own test sequences on every vehicle system. Every day we are working on Lights, Engine electronics, Central locking, Windows, Airbags, Heating/Aircon systems, Radio setups, Vehicle computer networks, Alarm, Immobilizes, Doors etc Covering all systems, across all makes, 7 days a week. Due to the progression by all manufacturers towards digital control systems on vehicle computer networks (average cars now contain in excess of 20 ecu's, something like the new Insignia in excess of 40). We are now able to offer control unit/ modules repairs. we can disassemble many ecu's, body computers, clusters etc and repair/re-chip them giving you a massive saving against new. Any problems in the wiring can be found and repaired locally without the need for a expensive loom swap.


Common phone questions:

Can you look at a heater motor on a Xsara, its on permanently? They have transistors that tend to short out on these giving a full speed only scenario . We can normally repair the unit.

Got a 2002 Fiat Stilo, changed both headlight bulbs, still nothing, Any ideas? Possible Relay trouble or engine fuse box fault. We can locate the fault easy enough.

I've got a 2005 Vectra C, all the doors are locked i can only get in through the boot? Usually if the doors are completely jammed, ie. double locked, we break into the wiring loom and manually trigger the locking system.This should open the doors so we can then pin-point the actual root cause.

My Peugeot 206 keeps losing the key programming, Peugeot have said its a new BSI unit, can you fit one for me? Yes, we need to read the coding from your old one, install it, re-program and configure it, re-set security access for keys and your done. Might be worth letting us have a go at repairing your old one first though, and don't bother buying the security PIN code we can extract it from the old unit.

BMW 3-series, central locking stuck, any ideas? Probably the most common fault on these. We can test the wiring out, if its the body computer we usually repair them

Hi my rear brake lights are off on a Rover 25, it also keeps blowing fuses.We can trace whether the faults wiring related or a component issue.

The roof on my 206cc is stuck can you open it. Yes, usually caused by the tailgate lock failing and the boot being closed with the curtain not drawn. We can electrically trick the system into opening the roof then repair the locks.

My indicators are playing up on a 1975 Mini, can you fault find on it. No computers on this! Yeah, no problem...